Have You Seen “The Secret Life of Marilyn Monroe”?

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If so I HIGHLY recommend that you check out my girl Kylie’s blog (Yes, we have met in real life and talk nearly every day. None of this fake online friend stuff). She has written the best debunking article on this horrific Lifetime biopic out there. Here’s an excerpt from her latest post. You’ll notice that she dissects the movie scene by scene. It’s still a work in progress but by the end it will be the go to resource for debunking the movie and to find out more information on Marilyn.

“(2)THE MOVIE: Things seem well in their marriage when Joe offers to fly to New York with Marilyn and be there while she is filming The Seven Year Itch. But of course, the trip takes a horrible turn when Joe becomes furious at seeing his wife display her underwear to a crowd of a thousand people during the famous skirt-blowing scene. They return to their hotel that night where Joe beats her up, and the marriage is ended immediately come morning.

(2)REAL LIFE: In the previous post, we discussed in detail the nightmare that came as a result of the skirt-blowing scene, so I’m going to skip it here and move on. Joe and Marilyn went to New York separately, Joe arriving a few days later. The Seven Year Itch scene was filmed in the early morning hours of September 15, 1954. Marilyn was back in Los Angeles by October, but Joe had previously gone back to New York on the 27th to work as a commentator for the World Series. Their marriage, for the most part, ended right after the early morning Itch scene. On October 2, after Joe had returned to Los Angeles, Marilyn was out at breakfast with close friend Sidney Skolsky and informed Joe that she was going to contact her attorney, Jerry Geisler, and file for divorce. On the 5th, the estranged couple signed divorce decrees, and on the 6th she publicly announced their separation.”

Like what you see? Click HERE for more and to start from part one.

2 thoughts on “Have You Seen “The Secret Life of Marilyn Monroe”?

  1. Yes I agree that too much was just not true. I really did enjoy her performance she captured MMs essence and was not impersonating her as much as giving us Mm’s Essence, so to speak what a shame that the writers could not have stuck to the facts that would have made this a really good TV movie. Thanks for all the work you ladies are doing on this!! it’s appreciated by myself a longtime fan of hers thanks again


    1. K has done the work, I just Help date check. 😀 I agree though. Kelly by faaaaaar gave the best performance I’ve ever seen. Would love to see her reprise with a fact based script. Thank you for your kind words. Xoxo


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