Jean Harlow Exhibit and Jean’s Beauty Tips 4-8



So, on this amazing weekend I went to the Harlow exhibit at the Hollywood Museum. There are well over 100 items relating to Harlow from documents (my favorite!) to pictures to costumes and even the portrait that Mother Jean commissioned after Harlow’s death, “Farwell to Earth.” For those who don’t know, the Hollywood Museum is located in the historic Max Factor building so in honor of Jean’s work with Max Factor, here are five (!) of her beauty tips from 1933.

November 21 – Remove cold cream from your face by patting. Do not rub your skin. A gentle patting will invigorate the tissues without breaking them down. You will find squares of soft cheesecloth excellent for this purpose. Keep a supply always on your dressing table.

November 22 – Lip rouge should blend with cheek rouge. Don’t let it be the most conspicuous thing on your face. Apply the lip rouge on your moth with the tip of your finger. To give the illusion of greater fullness, put the lip rouge a trifle over the natural lip line. Use a lighter shade of lip rouge at night than in the daytime.

November 24 – Brush your teeth with a gentle circular movement, not up and down. Give the gums a vigorous massage with table salt and a rubber massage brush. This will keep them in a healthy condition. In these days of soft foods and little chewing, the gums need exercise.

November 25 – Give your scalp a hot olive oil massage at least once a month. This will stimulate the tissues and nourish the scalp and hair. A few minutes’ brushing and massaging every night will also stimulate the growth of the hair and give it a brilliant luster. Brush upward, lifting the hair off the scalp. I go without a hat whenever I can to give the hair an airing.

November 27 – Always add one note of vividly contrasting color to your costumes. A crimson-colored handkerchief in the pocket of a dark colored suit, a jade green scarf with a white dress, a flame-colored flower on the shoulder of a gray frock will add interest and vitality to your appearance.

Now, on to what you likely initially came for, the Jean Harlow exhibit! Below are 49 pictures to give you a tour. I apologize for shadows on some of the documents. They are understandably in cases and my gigantic Nikon casts a hefty shadow!


Original wax figure from 1932!


Jean wore dress for Hal Roach’s 20th Anniversary party as a producer in Hollywood. Yes, Jean was TINY.


Farewell to Earth was finally found!
Dress worn in “Harlow”


Jean in a 1929 casting catalogue



15 thoughts on “Jean Harlow Exhibit and Jean’s Beauty Tips 4-8

  1. April, these photos are amazing. Thank you so much for sharing them with those of us that are unable to go. I am sure if I had been I would have been in tears. Are those safety pins from her diaper in the second to last photo? If you have the chance please could you tell me what the caption says beneath the doll? I am struggling to read it. Those white cabinets behind the waxwork – are those part of the museum or were they owned by Jean Harlow? And one last question (sorry) does one person own all of this, or is it a few collections put together. I am amazed at the amount of items that have survived – it’s wonderful. Thank you so much for sharing your photos. Love Suzie x

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    1. Hey Suzie,
      Never apologize for asking questions! I had been driving for a good portion of my day last night but I just had to post so I will put in some captions tonight.

      1) Yes, the safety pins are from the diaper photo.
      2)”Harlean’s ‘Dolly Dangle’ doll (circa 1914)is made of painted composition and cloth”
      3) I didn’t see a thing on the cabinets. I’m assuming they are just display.
      4) No, this is a free collectors.

      I’m so glad you enjoyed it. I wish you could have gone with me but someday!


      1. Thanks so much, April. I would have loved to have gone to see it all. A tribute of this scale has been long overdue. I don’t think there’s any chance of it touring either, what with the car, that would be tricky to ship. I am so glad you posted the pics – it’s the next best thing to going. I so wish I could have gone, but I would have blubbed over the doll and diaper pins and embarrassed myself. I can’t believe that waxwork is from the 30’s – it’s brilliant. Thanks again so much for the photos and for answering all my questions. x

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  2. I just drooled over the fabulous collection. Wow…I am surprised these many items are still around, but so happy. Thank you for taking the time to do this for us “out-of-staters,” love CLASSIC BLONDES


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