Book Review: Barbara Payton – A Life in Pictures

A few years ago my friend Heather got me onto the beauty that was Barbara Payton. For those who don’t know whom the blondeshell was, Payton was an up-and-coming actress in the late 40s and 50s who would pass away, destitute, in 1967. I have written an article about her before which you can find here. Author John O’Dowd wrote the only biography on her … Continue reading Book Review: Barbara Payton – A Life in Pictures

A Nation in Grief: The Death of Carole Landis

Before I begin, I’m not posting any of Carole’s death pictures. You can find them quite readily on different sites if you really want to see them but I have no interest in sharing them. On July 6th, 1948, Carole Landis was on the front page of newspapers across the United States. Was it because of a new film? A reconciliation between her and her … Continue reading A Nation in Grief: The Death of Carole Landis

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year

Hey guys! First off, Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from my family to yours. Without you guys, I wouldn’t have near the happiness that I do. This year was big for me: I attended the opening of #ClassicsMadeHere at Warner Brothers Studios (definitely recommend going) I appeared on TCM introducing¬†She Done Him Wrong I released my second book,¬†Puffblicity I was featured in my local paper … Continue reading Happy Holidays and Happy New Year

Please Help Rockhaven

December 7th – “Glendale City Council Decides to End Negotiations with the Gangi Team On Thursday the Principal Economic Development Officer for Glendale, called Matt Gangi to tell him that the City Council ended negotiations with the Gangi Design LED Build Team. After two years of meeting every challenge and presenting any information asked for (including information never before asked for on other projects the … Continue reading Please Help Rockhaven