Marilyn Monroe: A Day in the Life Bibliography


I used over 1,000 pages of Marilyn’s documents (999 auction listings) to write this book. You can find a link to almost every document I used here:


Because website content can change, I only used a select few that I trust. My trusted resources, beyond auction sites, are:


I have materials from archives across the country. The three that helped create this book are the: Margaret Herrick Library, William Fowler Papers at Northridge (Box 6, Folder 5; Box 21, Folder 4, Box 23, Folder 26-28; Box 23, Folder 1-5; Box 48, Folder 5) and the Arthur P. Jacobs archive at Loyola Marymount (Box 8, Folder 7-8; Box 20, Folder 3; Box 22, Folder 14), all in California.


Over the course of my life, I have read well over 400 books dedicated to Marilyn’s life. To list them all would be impossible. However, the ones that directly influenced the creation of this book are:
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