When a Girl’s Beautiful

When A Girl’s Beautiful: The Life and Career of Joi Lansing   Koper is at it again with his biography of 1950s starlet, Joi Lansing. Koper has previously written on the likes of Jayne Mansfield, Barbara Nichols, and an encyclopedia of 1950s blondes. Joi has had one book written about her previously, written by her rumored lover, Alexis Hunter. Koper hits the mark on the … Continue reading When a Girl’s Beautiful

Zsa Zsa’s Never Found in New Book

Finding Zsa Zsa: The Gabors Behind the Legend by Sam Staggs promises to finally uncover the truth about the mysterious, glamorous Gabors from Hungary. Claiming to have exclusive interviews and never before seen information, one is promised the removal of the iron curtain the Gabor women hid themselves behind. Sam Staggs has written several books before tackling the bombshells from Budapest. I am familiar with … Continue reading Zsa Zsa’s Never Found in New Book

Three Really Quick Tips for Grauman’s (and a map)

Map and legend from 1992’s Hollywood At Your Feet As usual, I visited Grauman’s when I went out to Los Angeles this week. While I wish that TCL (it’ll always be Grauman’s to me) Chinese Theatre sold an updated map, this one will do. Here’s a quick guide to the world famous theatre. First off, Grauman’s is always packed unless you’re going at 10 pm. … Continue reading Three Really Quick Tips for Grauman’s (and a map)

Who Was Virginia Rappe?

Virginia Rappe was a woman many would not know of today but in 1921 she was headline news: she had allegedly been killed by Roscoe “Fatty” Arbuckle. But who was Virginia to the public before her death made headlines? The Day the Laughter Stopped by David Yallop dedicated a little under a page to a biography on Virginia: Room 1912 pays Virginia the respect she deserves with … Continue reading Who Was Virginia Rappe?

Book Review: Barbara Payton – A Life in Pictures

A few years ago my friend Heather got me onto the beauty that was Barbara Payton. For those who don’t know whom the blondeshell was, Payton was an up-and-coming actress in the late 40s and 50s who would pass away, destitute, in 1967. I have written an article about her before which you can find here. Author John O’Dowd wrote the only biography on her … Continue reading Book Review: Barbara Payton – A Life in Pictures