Who Wrote “The Life and Curious Death of Marilyn Monroe”? Part 1

First off, I have to thank Jackie Craig for making me look in my files. I haven’t done anything “heavy” on Marilyn for roughly two years so this was a fun look back on where I was. I discussed this briefly on Goodnight Marilyn but due to time constraints, wasn’t able to fully explore the topic like I would have wanted to. Know that the … Continue reading Who Wrote “The Life and Curious Death of Marilyn Monroe”? Part 1

Rockabilly/Psychobilly by Jamie Kendall

One of the most impressive aspects of both rockabilly and psychobilly has been their spread throughout the world. Though the cultural themes are absolutely steeped in mid-century Americana, enthusiasm for the culture is borderless and the actual core visual, audio, and lifestyle remains surprisingly consistent. This book itself is a fine example, with less than one-third of the artists actually being from the US. – … Continue reading Rockabilly/Psychobilly by Jamie Kendall

Book Review: The Girl

Actress, Sex Symbol, Feminist? What is the first thing one thinks of when they hear of Marilyn Monroe? “Happy Birthday Mr. President?” A sex symbol? An actress of the 1950’s? A woman who died mysteriously? What about a strong business woman? Or even a feminist? Biographer Michelle Morgan, author of Marilyn Monroe: Private and Undisclosed, Before Marilyn, The Ice Cream Blonde, and Carole Lombard: Twentieth … Continue reading Book Review: The Girl

Peter Lawford

THE PRESIDENT’S HENCHMAN I’m going to start this out by telling you that I always thought Lawford was an alcoholic louse who had just lied after being bitter about his divorce from Pat Kennedy and his unceremonious eviction from the “Rat Pack”. What better way to get back at everyone than to say Marilyn was involved with the Kennedy’s and that Frank had betrayed Marilyn? … Continue reading Peter Lawford