Three Really Quick Tips for Grauman’s (and a map)


Map and legend from 1992’s Hollywood At Your Feet

Hollywood At Your Feet.JPG

As usual, I visited Grauman’s when I went out to Los Angeles this week. While I wish that TCL (it’ll always be Grauman’s to me) Chinese Theatre sold an updated map, this one will do. Here’s a quick guide to the world famous theatre.

First off, Grauman’s is always packed unless you’re going at 10 pm.

Second, Grauman’s does not move or remove their prints. The map above lines up exactly with what is seen there today. Some prints have been cut down, such as Cantiflas’, in order to make more room. If a print is removed it is for one of two reasons: it needs to be restored or it was temporary *side-eyes Herbie*.

Third, people are rude and will not get out of your way. People tend to flock around the prints of modern people (Michael Jackson is a big one right now). Because of this, certain areas are less congested (especially the center right and left).

P.S. Some stars are in really poor condition. I am hoping that they are fixed:


4 thoughts on “Three Really Quick Tips for Grauman’s (and a map)

    1. April Renee, love every post here, just wish more frequent! Wonderful article about Grauman’s Chinese Theatre (screw China’s TCL Corporation), truly an important American historic site! I agree totally that they should constantly restore/maintain to perfection, especially with a zillion$$$ to spend!! I have loved history since a boy and everyone should learn: AND
      Thanks April and all enjoy!

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      1. Aw thank you! I work a part time job while going to school for 15-18 credit hours so my posting is really trash on here but now that I’m in the summer, I’ll write more. 🙂

        Yes, they have tons of money. I wish they would have kept the little box office too. I’m working on a picture map at the moment to make this even easier for people. 💖

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  1. April Renee, appreciate your reply! Do not denigrate yourself as your brief article was succinct but articulate. I encourage you to follow your passions and certain you will be most successful.
    All the best,
    Howard Alexander Stafford

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