Review: Bombshells – The Women Who Set the Fifties on Fire

I have eagerly been waiting to read historian and author Shar Daw's book on fifties blondeshells since its announced release. Yesterday, I received my copy and whizzed through it in less than 24 hours - a testament to how enthralling the subject matter is. But does it pass the Classic Blondes test? "..all five women [...]

When a Girl’s Beautiful

When A Girl’s Beautiful: The Life and Career of Joi Lansing   Koper is at it again with his biography of 1950s starlet, Joi Lansing. Koper has previously written on the likes of Jayne Mansfield, Barbara Nichols, and an encyclopedia of 1950s blondes. Joi has had one book written about her previously, written by her [...]

Zsa Zsa’s Never Found in New Book

Finding Zsa Zsa: The Gabors Behind the Legend by Sam Staggs promises to finally uncover the truth about the mysterious, glamorous Gabors from Hungary. Claiming to have exclusive interviews and never before seen information, one is promised the removal of the iron curtain the Gabor women hid themselves behind. Sam Staggs has written several books [...]