Who’s that girl? Sandra Giles


May 22, 1956 The San Bernadino County Sun: “Melee Press Agents’ Dream LAS VEGAS, NEVADA – An aspiring actress of voluptuous proportions rebelled Sunday night when a new hotel, the downtown skyscraper Fremont, unveiled a nude painting of her in its casino. ‘I don’t want to be a Marilyn Monroe!’ blonde Sandra Giles, 22, wailed as the artist took the wraps off a nude in repose. ‘I want to be an actress. I didn’t pose that way! I had a bathing suit on!’ She thereupon slapped artist Phillip Paval, who once had the Kind of Denmark sit for him. It was not a hard slap. Her press agent then slapped the hotel’s press agent. Everybody threatened to sure everyone else. The whole melee was a press agent’s dream. The press agent punched dreamily too. Paval took all the two-fisted press agentry calmly. After all, he explained, the hotel had paid him $2500 to paint ‘A Lady of Chance’ portrait. He secured Miss Giles as the model. ‘Certainly she posed in a bathing suit,’ the artist admitted. ‘But I used my imagination.'”


Sandra Giles is a name we rarely hear these days with her last stream of press being shortly after December 25, 2016, the day she died. But who was Ms. Giles? Besides a beautiful blonde with a close similarity to Jayne Mansfield?


Born Leila Bernicde Giles on July 24, 1932 in Hooker Texas, the future Sandra Giles had the chips stacked against her. By 12 she was put in foster care because of her father molesting her and her mom working nights. She soon ran away and would end up hitchhiking from Texas to Anaheim after her mother remarried. Giles started competing in beauty pageants and soon found herself in the movies. She would go on to appear in a handful of features as well as performing in plays before retiring from movies and starting a restaurant in Pasadena. Like Jayne, Sandra relished in publicity and knew how to get her name in the papers. Her biggest claim to fame is the low-budget “Daddy-O.” Sandra passed away on December 25, 2016.


May 23, 1957 The Los Angeles Times Front Page. The ten bachelors were: 1) Van Johnson 2)Leonard Bernstein 3) Prince Phillip of England 4) John F Kennedy 5) Pat Boone 6) Vittorio De Sica 7)Robert E Peterson 8) Roger Corman 9) Parry O’Brien 10) Ernest Hemingway


From L to R: Sandra Giles, Mamie Van Doren, Tommy Noonan, and Jayne Mansfield. Sandra arrived in a coffin complete with pallbearers and someone playing a funeral march. October 28, 1956 Ballyhoo Ball.


April 7, 1958 – Sandra is seen in her trademark fur covered car. Sandra drove this car all around Hollywood and while it got her column inches, it didn’t appeal her to studio bosses.





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