Wayfarers Chapel

DSCN0062 (2)


So today I visited the Wayfarers Chapel!!! I have a lot of other pictures that I will post for a picture tour of the entire grounds but due to internet issues in my hotel, the inside is all I could get to load.

I have to say, this place really is gorgeous. I instantly could tell why Jayne picked it as her wedding venue. It is small, gorgeous, and has breathtaking views. Let me say, besides gorgeous (which I know I keep using but it’s magnificence really has no other words to describe it) the key word to pick up from my description is small. There is no way Jayne was dropping invitations over LA to have people come here. The grounds are not big and it is so secluded that it would be hard for over 150 people to be out front (it seats about 100 inside but they would be in there like sardines). The ORIGINAL press reports that say Jayne invited 100 people (mostly press) seems to be the truth just based on how small it is.

Rant aside, I love how they have kept nearly everything in the chapel original. Yes, there are fresh flowers growing along the side of the pews. There are also amazing gardens around the chapel as well as along the grounds. There are also bricks where you can engrave messages of love or wedding dates along a pathway. I’ll post pictures of all of this when I get home. If you are in the LA area, do not hesitate to make the hour and half (!) drive out here. It is fully worth it.

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