Slatzer/Capell/Fowler Part 2

On September 11, 1972, Robert Slatzer’s attorney’s sent a letter to Venice Publishing demanding his manuscript be returned for a book called Sincerely, Marilyn Monroe. This book was to be the framework for the book he would write with Fowler and Capell. The whereabouts of this manuscript are unknown to me but if anyone knows the location, please, let me know.

Image (94).png

Image (95).png

The legal woes between Slatzer and Venice continued until November.

Image (97).png


On February 16, 1973, Fowler, Capell, and Slatzer signed their deal to write Slatzer’s book. What follows is a selection of the correspondences that were exchanged while the book was coming to fruition. While I normally would have a lot to add, I think that this stuff is pretty self explanatory and sheds light on just how involved Capell was with the process.InkedImage (98)_LIInkedImage (99)_LIInkedImage (100)_LIInkedImage (101)_LIInkedImage (102)_LIInkedImage (104)_LIInkedImage (105)_LIInkedImage (106)_LIInkedImage (107)_LI


Shout-outs to Jackie for lighting a fire under my butt to get part two out and Emily Kitsch who has been super supportive of what I do. ❤

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