4 Female Stars and the Myths of Losing a Career

Today we’re going to talk about some of those female stars who people commonly say lost their careers due to poor decision making. One thing I realized when researching this piece was the sheer magnitude of how many women get painted as “troublesome” or “difficult” simply due to their demands. Some are painted as whores, […]

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Betty Monday: Mother Wore Tights

*Spoilers Ahead* For the next few weeks, I’m reviewing Betty Grable movies. Today’s (I know, it’s Tuesday) selection is┬áMother Wore Tights, co-starring Dan Dailey and Mona Freeman. Background: Interestingly, Fox executives held reservations about the film’s potential for success. Betty’s films normally focused on contemporary backstage shenanigans, but┬áMother Wore Tights revolved around turn-of-the-century vaudeville. Betty’s […]

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Betty Grable Blogathon

  Today, my papa would have been 92 years old. One of the first movies he introduced me to outside of Shirley Temple was Betty Grable’s Mother Wore Tights. I can still remember the VHS cover of her in a sparkly black kitty costume (I even made it the featured image on this post). I […]

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Betty Monday: The Dolly Sisters

*Spoilers Ahead* For the next few weeks, I’m reviewing a Betty Grable movie each Monday. Today’s focus is The Dolly Sisters, co-starring June Haver and John Payne. Let me start by introducing you to the following number: The Dolly Sister is a very loose adaptation of the real life Dolly Sisters, Rose and Jenny. Back […]

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