Betty Grable Blogathon


Today, my papa would have been 92 years old. One of the first movies he introduced me to outside of Shirley Temple was Betty Grable’s Mother Wore Tights. I can still remember the VHS cover of her in a sparkly black kitty costume (I even made it the featured image on this post). I just knew when I grew up I was going to exude the same amount of glamour Betty did. So, I’ve decided to host a Betty Grable blogathon being Betty held the title of Earl’s Favorite Blonde.

The rules are exceedingly simple:

The same topic can be covered twice.

You can write about anything you want. I’m totally fine with a post about any of Betty’s co-stars if their time with Betty gets some sort of focus (so no passing “He/She starred with Betty in X and it was a hit.”)

Please try to avoid anything salacious. I don’t think Betty was perfect by any means, but much has been written that just isn’t true.

All entries should be new content.

Betty died on July 2nd, 1973. The 3-5 is the closest weekend after her death.

Comment below with your topic! Early entries are welcome, but I’m not posting on here until the 3rd.

Grab a badge below and I’ll see you soon!


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