Happy (Belated) Birthday Eva!

A true glamour icon is always fashionably late, yes? So using that logic I’m not belated in wishing Eva a happy birthday, I’m right on time! Okay, so I spaced on it yesterday.

Eva Gabor was the youngest of the gorgeous Gabor sisters. Born February 11, 1919, Eva was the first to immigrate to the United States and the first to star in an American film, 1941’s Forced Landing. Eva continued acting in small roles but always got herself inches in the newspaper columns. She was given her own television show, aptly named The Eva Gabor Show which sadly only ran for one season (1953-1954). Eva continued to make guest appearances and movie cameos until landing the role that made her a comedy icon, Lisa Douglas in Green Acres. Each week, viewers turned in to see the antics on Lisa and Oliver Douglas as they attempted to adjust to country life. After the cancelation of Green Acres, Eva kept going doing voice over work for Disney’s The Aristocats , The Rescuers, and The Rescuers Down Under. She also made numerous television appearances throughout this time appearing on classics like The Love Boat and Fantasy Island. Out of all three Gabor sisters, Eva had the least amount of marriages at 5 (Magda had 6 while Zsa Zsa had 9). Sadly, Eva’s star was the first to burnout. She passed away on July 4, 1995. Her mother was not informed of her death because of ill-health. The same thing happened with Zsa Zsa when her daughter passed away in 2015. Eva had no children and was unmarried at the time of her passing.

Eva Through The Years


March 7, 1943 – This was Eva’s first divorce



November 20, 1953



July 3, 1955



October 5, 1959



June 9, 1966



May 22, 1975



August 21, 1988



July 5, 1995


Above all, Eva epitomized glamour for millions. This February 10, 1957 quote, in my opinion, says so much about Eva.

“A glamour girl – a real glamour girl – has a beauty that comes from within. You can look at a beautiful painting for just so long and then you get bored. So, while a woman should maker herself as beautiful as she possibly can, she shouldn’t forget inside – she should work just as much on that. If you have these two together, then I think you are a glamour girl.” – Eva Gabor


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