Book Review: Affectionately Jayne

Richard.jpgLet me start by saying that this book is tied for my favorite book on Jayne. Also note that it is NOT a biography. While it contains one, it is mostly of an extended filmography filled with behind the scenes information that lets you know what was going on during filming both personally and professionally for Jayne.

Koper traces Jayne’s life through her film, television, and stage work. You see the meteoric rise of Jayne’s star as well as her unfortunate downfall through reviews and behind-the-scenes facts. I don’t know about you guys but I love reading IMDB’s Trivia pages. Imagine that but supersized. You also get a great summary of the film which is helpful for those harder to find films or films that Jayne made in Germany.

I wish that some of the pictures were in color but that is a really petty complaint when you look at this book as a whole. There are pictures on nearly every page. I also love his contemporaries section so you see what Jayne was up against. Do not rule out this book because it is not a traditional biography. So much has been written on Jayne and Koper has worked hard to find the facts. You will return over and over again to find a quote, a date, a fact, etc..

Like Koper’s other books, it is FULL of pictures, which I know every fan appreciates. Koper also includes reviews from Europe which I find helpful. Americans tend to forget that while Jayne may have faded after “Promises, Promises,” she was still huge in Europe and had a strong following. Koper shows that but still includes negative reviews which is refreshing. Personally, I get tired of overly-gushing books on celebrities. Koper shows all sides of Jayne and I think she would have appreciated that. Please, please, please, rush out and buy your copy right now!

Overall rating: 10/10


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