3 Top Jayne Spots


This is the flower shopped owned by Mickey Jr. It is literally right down the street from Hollywood Forever. I have been here twice now to buy Jayne’s flowers from her son. There are no bouquets (from what I have seen) being its a nursery but you can get potted plants for the same price. I’ve seen Mickey Jr. both times I went but this time I actually got the nerve to talk to him. I’m sure he thought I was crazy with my Minnie Mouse pitch being I was about to bawl but he was so nice. I told him how much I love his mom and that the flowers were for her. He seemed genuinely touched. I can’t wait to go again just to say hi. Plus, he looks like Mickey. 😀


Hollywood Forever + Flowers for Jayne from Mickey’s shop =  gold. No, Jayne is not buried there but it is worth going to see her if you are not going to Pennsylvania anytime soon! Look for Douglas Fairbanks and Douglas Fairbanks Junior’s grave. Turn around and you will see a pond. From the Fairbanks’ grave, Jayne is in the upper left hand of the pond. She has a beautiful view. Jayne’s age is listed as 5 years younger than she really is being she had said she was 29 towards the end of her life. JayneStar

Jayne’s star really needs no introduction. Located in front of a burrito shop. Just remember that Jayne actually did go to her star dedication so you are standing where the legend stood! Mariska’s star is next to Jayne’s and yes, she went to her dedication as well with all of her siblings.


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