Wayfarers Tour

Here it is… my official (hahaha) photo tour of Wayfarers Chapel for those who want to learn more about the chapel and get a feel for what it is like. All of the information is from the walking tour guide.


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The Chapel and inside


The diamond design in the floor reflects the diamond pattern of the ceiling. The glass creates a “live” chamber. Lloyd Wright designed the six triangular acoustic panels in the ceiling to balance the sound. They are painted a light blue-green to appear white, like fleecy clouds. At night, indirect lighting in the Chapel and spotlights on the chancel create a candlelight effect.

The ceiling

DSCN0046The plantings in the Chapel were specified by Lloyd Wright because they are found on the forest floor. They are intended to make the exterior and interior one. Plants growing outside are brought inside to make the glass enclosure as inconspicuous as possible. DSCN0047

Incised on the altar capstone and on the steps leading to the altar are the beginning words of the Lord’s Prayer. It may seem to you the prayer is unfinished, however, the architect envisioned Jesus’ words flowing from the altar to the people for their everyday use. The letters were gilded in gold leaf in the late 1960’s to enhance visibility. The stone capping the altar is a variety of Palos Verdes stone called Moss Black. The lines in it were made during cutting.
The round windows over the front entrance and the altar symbolize the inclusiveness of the Chapel and the Swedenborgian Church, which welcomes all people.




Views from the chapel.

Below is Abalone Cove and the bluff called Portuguese Point. On a clear day you can see Catalina Island, some 26 miles across the Catalina Channel.

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Behind the chapel

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Colonnade and the view from the Colonnade.

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Colonnade and the Bell Tower. The tower, planes as part of the original design, was completed in December, 1954. Lloyd Wright conceived it as a “hallelujah” tower, with wings and a sense of soaring, like upraised hands holding the cross on high. The gold cross is 60 feet above the floor of the Chapel. Sailors using the Catalina channel at night have dubbed the floodlight tower “God’s Candle”.


Rose Garden, Walk of Honor, and the Meditation Garden.

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Visitor Center

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