RIP Jaynie + Memorial Week


From 6/29-7/5, I am going to be honoring Jayne with a memorial week. Most of these usually end on the celebrated person’s memorial date but here at, I didn’t want us to end on a depressing note. This also allows plenty of time to see which articles are released in Jayne’s honor and see what people think of them.

Jayne was the reason I started this website. I used to be a diehard Marilyn fan. Most Old Hollywood people know (and some complain) about the type. The sun both rises and sets on a glorified version of Marilyn that isn’t even human. I got into Jayne and felt the need to keep it a secret with only a single friend knowing. How could I like Jayne Mansfield? I quickly consumed every book I could find and fell in love with her, warts and all. I slowly got around to posting about her occasionally on my page and soon saw some of my “Marilyn” people were joining her clubs as well! I very quickly figured out that I had found the blonde who spoke to me as a person the most and that I have found my Classic Blondes soulmates.

While Marilyn was an enigma, Jayne was a billboard. That’s why I love her. I know not everyone is into someone who was an exhibitionist and that’s fine. She speaks to me and I am happier than I have been in a long time in my Old Hollywood life because of Jayne. I can’t thank Jayne enough. She has led me to approach people I never dreamed of talking to so I can learn more about her. If spirit guides are real, Jayne is definitely mine. I, and many others in the community, live to love her more each day. So, thank you Jayne. You are loved and missed.

At the end of the week I’m going to post some fan retrospectives. They consist of four questions. Please fill them out and send them privately to my Facebook April VeVea (my profile picture is a picture of Jayne) as well as your favorite Jayne picture

  1. How did you discover Jayne?
  2. What is one of your favorite Jayne moments?
  3. What do you consider to be Jayne’s biggest achievement or contribution to society? (No, Mansfield Bars don’t count!)
  4. What does Jayne mean to you?

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