Jayne and Her Children

Regardless of what has been claimed about Jayne over the years, most people agree that Jayne was a good mother. Jayne had five children who were 16-1 at the time of her death.

Jayne Marie Mansfield – November 8, 1950

Jayne Marie is Jayne’s first child, fathered by Jayne’s first husband, Paul Mansfield. By all accounts, Jayne Marie was Jayne’s confidant in life. Jayne Marie made headlines herself when she ran away from Jayne’s Pink Palace with allegations of abuse. Jayne Marie claimed that she was writing a biography on her mother but it has never materialized. July 1976 saw Jayne Marie’s debut in Playboy, making her the first daughter of a centerfold to also pose for Playboy in the magazine’s history. Jayne has been featured in several documentaries on her mother and is quite candid about their relationship.

Miklos (Mickey) Hargitay Jr. – December 21, 1958

Mickey is Jayne’s second child. He is honestly lovely and I have been blessed to be able to fan girl in front of him in person at his nursery, Hargitay Plants. The nursery is located down the street from Jayne’s cenotaph in Hollywood Forever. I found Mickey Jr. to be very sweet and kind despite me slobbering all over him on the brink of tears telling him how much I love his mom and have a copy of his birth announcement. In the picture above, he is on the left hand side, in between Mariska and Jayne Marie.

Zoltan Hargitay – August 1, 1960

Zoltan surviving being attacked by a lion is one of Hollywood’s most tragic accidents. Luckily Zoltan survived and is active on Facebook. He regularly posts pictures of his mother and is active in the Jayne community.

Mariska Hargitay – January 23, 1964

Jayne’s second daughter, Mariska Hargitay is most known for appearing as Olivia Benson on Law and Order: Special Victim’s Unit. She is the only one of Jayne’s children to focus exclusively on acting. For Mariska’s fourth birthday, former gossip columnist and friend to Jayne, May Mann, held a party to celebrate Mariska’s first birthday without her mother. Mariska reportedly heartbreakingly repeated how she wished her mother was present.

Tony Cimber – October 18, 1965

Tony is probably the least followed of Jayne’s children. He went on to work behind the scenes in shows such as GLOW and House of Mystery. He reportedly lives in Los Angeles and I have heard that he is friendly with fans of his late mother. His daughter is a spitting image of Jayne.

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  1. Adelebitakis says:

    So happy to hear his daughter is the image of her grandmother. I d love to see her. So happ y t o hear that you are happy. And sorry u didn t get ty o know hi your parents. Loved them both


  2. Dear April,

    I really enjoyed your book Puffblicity. Of all the books i possess about Jayne, this certainly is the best. I wonder, will there be a part two?

    Thanks for this book!

    Best regards,

    Ingmar van de Sande,

    The Netherlands


    1. April VeVea says:

      Thank you! That means more than you know. I’m actually finishing up a picture book right now. I hope you’ll enjoy it as well. 🥰


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