Jayne and Her Husbands

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Jayne was married three times to three very different men.

Paul Mansfield 1950-1955/1956/1957

Accounts differ on several things with Jayne and Paul. Paul contends that they were officially married (by way of elopement) in January of 1950 with another ceremony after Jayne told her parents in May of that year. Jayne stuck with this story as well but later claimed that she was pregnant with her daughter, Jayne Marie, and came to Paul with her plight who promptly agreed to marry her. I tend to believe Paul’s story. Regardless, Paul and Jayne welcome Jayne Marie on November 15, 1950 in the Dallas, Texas area. Soon Jayne lost her baby weight and went to Hollywood to try to achieve stardom. Paul in the meantime received orders to report to Georgia for army training before being deployed to Korea. Jayne reluctantly left Hollywood with the agreement that as soon as Paul was discharged they could return. In Spring of 1954 the Mansfield family arrived. Paul gave Jayne six months to achieve stardom or they would return to Dallas. Again, accounts differ on when the couple actually separated. October of 1954 is commonly recited, around the time that Jayne was named “Miss Five Alarm Fire.” Others state that it was a month before Jayne filed for separation in February of 1955. Either way, Paul returned to Dallas without Jayne or Jayne Marie. In June of 1955, Jayne filed for divorce. Paul countersued in Dallas. Again, things get complicated. Jayne’s divorce was finalized in October of 1956 but Jayne insisted it wasn’t finalized until September of 1957. Personally, I think it was to stall marriage plans with Mickey because of Fox not wanting her to marry.

Mickey Hargitay 1958-1964

Mickey and Jayne met in 1956 while Mickey was performing at The Latin Quarter with Mae West. Jayne was instantly smitten as was Mickey. They quickly delved into a serious relationship both with each other and with the press. On January 13th Jayne and Mickey were married with great fanfare at the Wayfarer’s Chapel. Contrary to what has been written, Jayne did not dump invitations via helicopter over Los Angeles. Instead she sent out 100 pink invitations, with 90 going to the press. Details of her wedding location were printed nationwide, which one could guess led to just as many attendees as Jayne dumping invitations over Los Angeles. Jayne and Mickey then went to Dallas to celebrate at Jayne’s parents’ home followed by a honeymoon in Miami. Jayne and Mickey courted the press throughout their marriage which could lead to mishaps or misunderstandings. One of the biggest misconceptions about Jayne and Mickey is that their shipwreck in February 1962 off the coast of the Bahamas was a publicity stunt. It seems highly unlikely with Jayne sustaining injuries but with stunts Jayne and Mickey had pulled before, the press and the public weren’t believing them. Mickey maintained that it was not a stunt or stunt gone wrong until he died and I personally tend to believe that. In 1963 Jayne met Nelson Sardelli and filed for divorce from Mickey. She found out she was pregnant and returned to Mickey. In 1964 she welcomed Mariska Hargitay and soon left Mickey after meeting her future third husband, Matt Cimber.

Matt Cimber – 1964-1967

Jayne met Matt Cimber when she was working on Bus Stop being he was the director. They had a whirlwind romance with Jayne declaring her 1963 Mexican divorce from Mickey legitimate and marrying Matt soon after in Mexico. Jayne bought a luxurious penthouse in New York as a wedding present to herself and Matt. Matt directed Jayne in her stage work and even directed her final film, “Single Room Furnished.” Jayne and Matt supposedly had a chaotic relationship with allegations of abuse. Regardless of what transpired, Jayne and Matt had a son, Tony in 1965. When Jayne passed in 1967, she was in a messy divorce with Matt.

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