Jayne and the Troops

What better way to celebrate the fourth than to look at Jayne’s time entertaining the troops? Jayne made sure to entertain our servicemen throughout her career and thought nothing of going into war zones to give our men in the service something to smile about. Jayne first performed for our men in uniform in while her husband was stationed in Georgia for army training. She performed in the popular skit show, “Anything Goes.” Once she reached stardom, Jayne continued showing support.

Bob Hope USO Christmas Tour of 1957

Johnny Grant, Jayne, Bob Hope, Hedda Hopper, and Roscoe Ates

From 12/17 until 12/29, Jayne performed at numerous bases in Hawaii, Okinawa, Wake Island, Japan, Guam, and Korea. Jayne played a spy trying to extract information from Bob Hope in one of her skits as well as performing with Mickey Hargitay. The Los Angeles Times reported how Jayne stood out in the rain for servicemen to get a picture of or with her.

Bob Hope USO Christmas Tour of 1959


From 12/21 – 12/28, Jayne performed for the troops in Alaska. Jayne performed a couple comedy skits, including one where she played a servicewoman trying to pick up servicemen. Jayne parents, Vera and Harry, were flown in by Bob Hope himself.

Bob Hope USO Christmas Tour of 1961

From 12/20-12/29 Jayne performed in Newfoundland, Labrador, and Baffin. Jayne’s performance in Romeo and Juliet can be seen below as well as a silent video in color of Jayne performing.

Jayne also made numerous appearances throughout the years including a 1966 Acapulco appearance, a six week tour in 1967 of Vietnam, and countless visits to military bases during her life when she was near them. Jayne’s last military visit was the day before her death, when she went down to visit the men of Keesler Air Force Base in Biloxi, Mississippi.

(Jayne’s clip starts at the 0:56 mark)

5 thoughts on “Jayne and the Troops

  1. I remember Jayne Mansfield when i lived on Kodiak Island Alaska,My birthday was coming up in May and a bunch of my friends from the navy base on Kodiak figured to take me to Bob Hopes U S O show.Me being a civilian did not think i would get in but i did.One of my buddies told Jayne my birthday was coming up and be darned if she didnt come down into the crowd said my name had me stand up and planted one on my cheek.Man oh man what a memory .To this day i think of how kind she was and how she made me feel special.


  2. April: I also was in Kodiak in 1969….a very young 18 year old Marine. After the show the cast stayed on stage and I managed to work my way up to the stage. I had a dollar bill which I produced for a signature from Jane Mansfield. Mickey tried to pull her off stage but she resisted and said she wanted to sign her autograph for this Marine. She signed it and included a heart with her signature. I shall always treasure the moment.


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