Rockabilly/Psychobilly by Jamie Kendall

One of the most impressive aspects of both rockabilly and psychobilly has been their spread throughout the world. Though the cultural themes are absolutely steeped in mid-century Americana, enthusiasm for the culture is borderless and the actual core visual, audio, and lifestyle remains surprisingly consistent. This book itself is a fine example, with less than one-third of the artists actually being from the US.

– Jamie Kendall

So opens a new picture book, Rockabilly/Psychobilly. The book looks at a variety of art from various artists who specialize in the aforementioned themes. I definitely found some new favorites, including:

50’s Vintage Dame


Cristiano Suarez


Crystal Wall Lancaster


Miss Cherry Martini


I do have to say that I am not someone who is into the psychobilly scene but there is some beautiful artwork in this book that is bound to be appreciated by anyone, regardless of what they’re into. There are 56 artists covered in the book and trust me, it was difficult to pick which four to feature.

Most of the artists also have a quote although some also have their influences listed so that the reader gets a better sense of how an artist looks at the community, their art, etc.

My only real complaint about this book is that it would have been nice to see a full page on each artist with a bio and their thoughts on the community as a whole. I’m left wanting to know more about them and don’t really have the time to check out each one.

Overall this book is really a wonderful treasure trove of art from around the world. I was especially happy to see a large amount of Hispanic artists featured throughout. Click on the picture below to preorder.

Rating: 4/5



One thought on “Rockabilly/Psychobilly by Jamie Kendall

  1. I have always loved Rockabilly as a child of the fifties, especially the late great Ronnie Hawkins, Carl Perkins and also the incredible women like Wanda Jackson, Lorrie Collins and Brenda Lee! Here is an excellent documentary that everyone should enjoy!

    Howard Alexander Stafford

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