Please Help Rockhaven

December 7th –

“Glendale City Council Decides to End Negotiations with the Gangi Team

On Thursday the Principal Economic Development Officer for Glendale, called Matt Gangi to tell him that the City Council ended negotiations with the Gangi Design LED Build Team.

After two years of meeting every challenge and presenting any information asked for (including information never before asked for on other projects the Gangi Co had done within the City) the Gangi Team was told the city spent $8 million on the property (10 years ago- when the buildings were habitable) and they didn’t like the appraisal Gangi received from a third party. The City never got their own appraisal, never made an offer or counter offer. Basically never actually negotiated.

The Gangi Design LED Build Team turned in their plans for a privately run historic park more than a year ago, and has spent this last year submitting further information as requested by city staff. The process was completed a month ago, and City Council members Paula Devine, Ara Najarian, Vrej Agajanian, Vartan Gharpetian and Mayor Zareh Sinanyan finally were to be presented with the staff’s recommendations on Tuesday December 4. Since the meeting was closed session we do not know what information was presented to Council or any details.

We do not know what this means for the future of Rockhaven.”

What you can go now:

We Need Bodies!
On Tuesday, December 11, Matt Gangi, the young man spearheading the privately operated historic park plan, will speak before City Council to try and inform them of details they may not have heard from staff in that closed session meeting.

PLEASE be a body with us in council chambers to support him and Rockhaven Historic Park!

He will only speak for three minutes, but looking at the agenda it could be awhile before he gets his chance; possibly after 6:45. Hopefully your time commitment won’t be great, but that your commitment to speaking up for this historic property is great!

IF you cannot come in bodily form PLEASE email the council, city manager, and city clerk to let them know they should actually try negotiating with the Gangi Team instead of just dropping it. Below find a cut-and-paste if you would like our words- yours are always better.

Dear Mayor, Council Members and City Manager,
Please reopen negotiations with the Gangi team and actually negotiate.
Two years ago when you were presented with all the ideas of what to do with the Historic Rockhaven Property you didn’t just rely on staff’s reports, but did your own research into what was offered. We would ask you to please do it again with the Gangi proposal. Look to see all the businesses that are interested in opening there and all the ideas they have to make this a successful and meaningful endeavor in Glendale. Historic Rockhaven Park could be another jewel in the City of Glendale, drawing people to its history and culture.
The property has been waiting 10 years to come alive again. Please take a little more time to make the right decision for all of Glendale.


Send to these emails:


For those who do not know what Rockhaven is, it was a woman’s sanatorium that housed the likes of Billy Burke (Glenda the Good Witch) and Gladys Monroe (Marilyn’s mother). It literally took me thirty seconds to copy and paste the email, the addresses, sign my name, and hit send. It’ll take you about that too. Please help save this important piece of Hollywood, and Los Angeles, history.

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