Review of Bombshell: The Night Bobby Kennedy Killed Marilyn Monroe Part 3

Bombshell: The Night Bobby Kennedy Killed Marilyn Monroe: Thompson,  Douglas, Rothmiller, Mike: 9781913543624: Books

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Hi, Everyone! This will be our last biographical section. Thank you very much for the positive responses. I am going to go into my personal thoughts in the last part because my goal, as always when debunking, is for people to get facts before reading why I don’t trust a source. Like our last part, there are things sprinkled throughout the book that I am not going to address until the next part. Let’s begin!

Claim: Marilyn had moved permanently back to Hollywood in April 1961.

Fact: Marilyn’s official residence at the time of her death was still NYC (although I would like to note that this probably would have changed in 1962). Her hospital stays in 1961, ranging from the psychiatric to her gallbladder removal, were all in NYC. Marilyn’s official move to Hollywood, when she rented the apartment on 882 N Doheny and stayed for several months, was on August 8, 1961 (although her lease was dated on August 7th).

Claim: Dr. Hyman Engelberg was involved in Marilyn’s life throughout the summer of 1961 while Greenson visited her daily.

Fact: Firmly stationed in Los Angeles, Engelberg did not start treating Marilyn as a full-time patient until her move to Los Angeles in August. Visits to Greenson were almost always in his office or home. It is impossible to pin down the frequency of their early full-time relationship with the available documentation we have, although some collectors do have her financial dossiers which may shed light (and something the authors obviously did not consult).

Claim: Greenson, attempting to wean Marilyn off her prescription meds, found this difficult because Engeleberg kept prescribing.

Fact: Greenson was well aware of Engelberg’s prescribing. According to Hildi Greenson in an interview with author Anthony Summers, Engelberg gave her whatever she wanted to avoid Marilyn’s notorious doctor hopping while Greenson would dispose of most of these pills at her home. While this may seem odd (and definitely illegal today), it actually explains why Marilyn called Greenson on the night of August 4th demanding to know where he’d put her Nembutal.

Claim: Marilyn went to Greenson starting in 1961 because Frank Sinatra most likely recommended him.

Fact: Marilyn started going to Greenson in 1960, during the filming of The Misfits, on the recommendation of her long-time psychiatrist, Dr. Marianne Kris. She kept in regular contact with him until her move to Los Angeles in August 1961.

Claim: Marilyn and Bobby Kennedy attended a party at the Lawfords in October 1961 as well as meeting several times throughout the year.

Fact: Marilyn and Bobby met for the first time on February 1, 1962. This is extremely well documented in Marilyn’s letters to her former stepson, Bobby Miller, and former father-in-law, Isadore Miller, as well as in the personal manuscript of Joan Greenson.

Claim: Marilyn and JFK were fucking during a party at the Lawfords in November 1961.

Fact: Marilyn and JFK met for the first time at Bing Crosby’s house on March 24, 1962. There is a possibility they slept with one another, although this has never been confirmed. Due to how obsessive Marilyn could become with her sexual partners, it seems unlikely they ever slept together.

Claim: Eunice Murray was a qualified psychiatric nurse.

Fact: Eunice falsely claimed medical training, but it’s doubtful she ever completed high school, let alone went to college.

Claim: Marilyn purchased 12305 Fifth Helena for $75,000 and paid for half of it in cash.

Fact: Marilyn purchased the home for $57,500, $11,500 below the $69,000 asking price. She paid $20,000 in cash (with Joe DiMaggio loaning her $5,000 for the down payment) and took out a mortgage for the remaining $37,500 from City National Bank.

Claim: Bobby Kennedy’s wife was named Eunice.

Fact: Very much still alive, Ethel Kennedy never went by the name Eunice.

Claim: Filming was delayed on Something’s Got to Give so Marilyn’s costumes could fit.

Fact: Filming was delayed for so long due to Marilyn requesting script rewrites.

Claim: Dr. Greenson taped his sessions with Marilyn.

Fact: Greenson never taped their sessions together. As Hildi told Summers, Marilyn wouldn’t have set foot in his office if he ever recorded their time together. John Miner would later claim to have heard these tapes, but after evidence came out that he lied, he was removed from all later editions of Summers’ Goddess.

Claim: Frank Sinatra came over to Marilyn’s home in the morning (after she’d gone to the hairdresser) and picked her up to go to LAX so she could fly on Air Force 1 to go to Palm Springs to stay at Bing Crosby’s home on March 24th. She traveled incognito in a “dark jacket, pencil skirt, dark wig, heavy framed spectacles and carried a notepad and pencils to pass as a secretary. She was given a guest cottage at Crosby’s home on Thunderbird Heights.

Fact: Marilyn’s water was turned off in her home that day to install the water heater. She washed her hair and got ready at the Greenson’s before being driven to Palm Springs.

Crosby sold the Thunderbird Heights home in 1957, listing it for $90,000. It did not have guest cottages. In 1962, Crosby owned a Spanish-style home at 49400 Della Robbia Lane (still standing and affectionately called the Crosby Estate). This home would have been easy to secure and did not feature guest cottages. As much as the authors want to claim the 60s were a time for everyone to just have fun, including the president, the Secret Service would have secured the home’s location. It is also well-known JFK stayed on Bing’s property, not in a guest cottage, as did (reportedly) Marilyn. Secret service agents stayed in the home as well as in Jimmy Van Heusen’s next-door home, located at 49300 Della Robbia Lane.

Claim: Marilyn and JFK spent the weekend making love. Marilyn then went to keep Bobby Kennedy company on Monday, March 26th in Beverly Hills as he attended an evening fundraiser at the Beverly Hilton Hotel.

Fact: Marilyn was back in Los Angeles by Sunday morning. She met with Norman Rosten and Joe DiMaggio. On Monday the 26th, Marilyn met with George Cukor to discuss their plans for Something’s Got to Give (SGTG). The Kennedys left on the presidential plane together from March Air Force Base at 12:40 am on the 26th, arriving at Andrews Air Force Base at 5 a.m., meaning Marilyn couldn’t have attended a fundraiser with Bobby that night in Beverly Hills.

Claim: Marilyn went to New York shortly before April 23rd, causing her to get a cold that didn’t allow her to film.

Fact: The last time Marilyn was in New York before the filming of SGTG was from February 11-16th, over two months before filming started.

Claim: Marilyn attended a fundraiser with President Kennedy on April 14th in Manhattan.

Fact: Marilyn was in Los Angeles. In fact, she spent the day signing checks and paying bills after her move into Fifth Helena only a few days before.

Claim: Jackie Kennedy didn’t go to the Madison Square Garden fundraiser after learning from Dorothy Kilgallen that Marilyn would be performing.

Fact: Jackie never had plans to attend. She had scheduled time to perform in an equestrian competition months before the fundraiser.

Claim: Marilyn left the Arthur Krim reception with JFK “because there are no released files to corroborate how the evening ended.”

Fact: Shockingly, this information is incorrect. We have Marilyn’s limousine bills. At 4 am, Marilyn left the Krim residence with her former father-in-law (and date for the evening, which the authors leave out), Isadore Miller. The limo dropped off Miller and then Marilyn, who received a massage from Ralph Roberts before going to bed.

Claim: Marilyn wrote letters to Bobby and JFK.

Fact: Where are these letters? They’ve never come up.

Claim: Marilyn was put on sedatives on the last weekend of May.

Fact: Marilyn was given a penicillin shot that Sunday (the 27th) for an ear infection by Dr. Milton Uhley. She went to work on the 28th to film her pool scenes with Dean Martin (not a “poor filming day” as claimed by the authors).

Claim: The cast and crew threw Marilyn a birthday party on June 1st.

Fact: While they did attend and give her a card, Marilyn paid for her own cake as well as champagne for everyone on set.

Claim: Fox sued Marilyn for $1 million dollars.

Fact: Fox sued Marilyn for $500,000 dollars, dropping the suit a year after her death.

Claim: Marilyn was going to be paid $1,000,000 for completing SGTG.

Fact: I’ve talked about her contract at length, but the most likely contract was $250,000 for completing the picture as well as $250,000 for her next picture, as said by Donald Spoto.

Claim: Marilyn was promised Bobby would be at Cal-Neva and she was raped or molested by Sam Giancana

Fact: There is no evidence Sam Giancana was there that weekend. The sources used for these claims are 3rd person testimony. If something horrible happened to Marilyn, she would have gone to Greenson on the 29th. She didn’t. Instead, she kept their usual Monday appointment. What we do know about the Cal-Neva weekend from people we can confirm were there is Marilyn getting drunk, Frank getting mad and Frank sending Marilyn home with the Lawfords early on the 29th.

Claim: Marilyn called Hickory Hill on her phone records throughout July.

Fact: Marilyn’s phone records are readily available for all but the last few days of July. There are no calls to Hickory Hill.

Claim: Marilyn called Bobby Kennedy on July 30th.

Fact: Marilyn called Bobby on July 31st.

Claim: Bobby Kennedy was in Los Angeles on August 4th.

Fact: Bobby Kennedy was very well documented, including in personal snapshots, in San Francisco.

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