IMG_2098.PNGWhy? Why did I start this blog? Because I discovered Jayne Mansfield and a host of other celebrity women who are at best footnotes in life stories of “bigger” stars like Marilyn Monroe. Who have a handful of books written about them, even if they were gigantic stars back in the day.

With this blog I hope to introduce the world to the bevy of Old Hollywood blondes that exist. We live in a world that constantly asks if you’re an Audrey (or a Jackie) or a Marilyn. What if you’re a Jayne (Mansfield)? A Jean (Harlow)? A Betty (Grable)? A Diana (Dors)? A Mamie Van Doren? Why are you limited to being a Marilyn out of hundreds of other blondes (or a Jackie or Audrey but that’s for another day)? That’s not to say Marilyn isn’t iconic or doesn’t deserve her place. She does and I’ve been a fan of hers for years but once I expanded I figured others would appreciate expanding as well yet there are very few resources on a lot of these women. I discovered that I was most definitely a Jayne (without the killer figure or exhibitionist streak).

This isn’t a picture page. There are thousands of those on the web, Pinterest, Tumblr, Instagram, Twitter, etc.. I want this to become your go to after you see a bit blonde (or major blonde) on TCM. When you hear an Old Hollywood name that you have never heard of. When you see an Old Hollywood blonde and think, “I’d like to know more about her,” I hope to be able to tell you who she is.

I want us to discover who our inner blonde is, whether it’s Jayne, Jean, Diana, Mamie, Betty, or yes, even Marilyn. There are plenty of blondes to go around and I think it’s time to find out more about them.

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