The Evolution of the Fifties Blondes, 1957-1958, Part 2.

When we last let off, we had introduced Monroe, Day, Mansfield, Van Doren, Ekberg, and North. Again, this piece shouldn’t be considered a definitive, academic study on the 50s Blondes but instead should be viewed as a quick primer. If you want to know more about the blondes of the decade, I highly recommend Richard […]

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Jayne Mansfield’s Death

I want to note that I am not including photos in this piece. If you want to see them, there are plenty of sites that offer them (Find A Death has them). There are a ton of misconceptions out there about Jayne’s death and I hope that this article sorts out any confusion that may […]

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Jayne and the Troops

What better way to celebrate the fourth than to look at Jayne’s time entertaining the troops? Jayne made sure to entertain our servicemen throughout her career and thought nothing of going into war zones to give our men in the service something to smile about. Jayne first performed for our men in uniform in while her […]

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What’s my Favorite Jayne Movie?

The Girl Can’t Help It! This was Jayne’s first movie with Fox after signing with them in May of 1956. Filming on the movie started on September 14th and Jayne officially arrived in Hollywood the following day. Filming was completed on November 9th and the movie was released around Christmas of ’56. It truly was […]

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